I’m going to be honest with you, if tips are important to you, then it is best that you do a different delivery company than UBEREats. Right now, they don’t have an option to tip within the app. If people do tip, it has to be in cash. My tips are few and far between. Whatever tips I do receive, I just use towards gas. BTW, if you want to make sure you don’t lose out on a tip, make sure to change available to provide them. A person once said to me, “I would give you a $5 tip, but I only have $50. Do you have change?” I said, “Actually, yes I do.” The majority of the time I get zero tips, but then if I do get a tip, it has ranged from $2 to only one time I received a $20 tip.

For me, I don’t do this for the tips. I would love it if I did get tips on a regular basis, but that’s not why I chose UBEREats. I chose it because it’s my driving therapy. I chose it cause I enjoy it. I chose it because I didn’t want to feel shackled like it was a second job. No, I wanted to retain the fun of it. If they start to include tips in the app, then that’s just icing on the cake, but for me, personally, I don’t need it to keep working with UBEREats.

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What I Made In March and April

Here’s the breakdown so far:

March 13-19, 2017 – $201.68, the first day I went to deliver was on Friday, March 17 and ended up delivering on Saturday & Sunday too for a total of 30 deliveries, 13 hrs 50 mins online. This money was donated to FACF towards the church building.

March 20-26, 2017 – $424.17, I only was able to do one delivery on Monday and I didn’t deliver on Wednesday, but I delivered all the other days for a total of 43 deliveries, 17 hrs 43 mins online. This included a surprise of a $20 promotion for doing 5 deliveries between the hours of 5pm-6pm on Sunday. It also included $100 for using my friend Cyndi’s referral code and completing my 20 deliveries. This money was donated to FACF towards the church building.

March 27-April 2, 2017 – $129.77. I only was able to deliver from Monday-Wednesday. I ended up getting sick. For this reason, I wasn’t able to do any deliveries the rest of the week. I had a total of 18 deliveries, 8 hrs 19 mins online. It also includes a .57 cent adjustment since someone had provided me the wrong address when I made a delivery. ┬áThis money was donated to FACF towards the church building.

April 3-9, 2017 – $100.79. I only was able to deliver on Monday because I was leaving for a 3 week trip to the Philippines. I had a total of 14 deliveries, 7 hrs 7 mins online. This money was donated to FACF towards the church building.

April 10-16, 2017 – $0.00. No deliveries. I was in the Philippines.

April 17-23, 2017 – $500.00. No deliveries, I was still in the Philippines, but received $250 for each person I had referred that completed their 20 deliveries. It so happened that both completed it on the same day. Part of the money was donated to FACF towards the church building and part of it towards helping one of my youth, Nikki, who wanted to put together care packages for the homeless.

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Tracking Expenses and Mileage

As a reminder, since you are using your vehicle, you can deduct the standard mileage rate OR actual car expenses.

The standard mileage rate is supposed to cover the cost of standard maintenance, repairs, taxes, gas, insurance and registration fees. If you think the standard mileage rate is less than your actual cost, maybe it is best to choose that route instead.

I’ve downloaded Everlance: Free Mileage Log. It has a rating of 4.8. If you’re interested, here’s a link. UBEREats promotes using Stride.

There are other items that you can also track to get deducted (there’s probably more, but this is basic):

  1. Supplies that you purchase for the job (i.e. insulated bags)
  2. Cell phone accessories (i.e. cell phone holder, charger)
  3. Cell phone (if you purchased a new phone to use for work this year, it’s 100% tax deductible)
  4. Cell phone service (whatever % you use in minutes and data for work)
  5. Parking fees (where I’m at, this is not as much of an issue, but other parts of Washington State, this may be necessary)
  6. Tolls (if you have to pay a toll on your way to delivering food)

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When I started UBEREats, I never realized how much money I could make. Here’s something to consider, if you believe that you will work enough that you will need to pay at least $1,000 in taxes, then you will need to do estimated tax payments every quarter.

The due dates for the quarters in 2017 are: April 18 (so this would be overdue now), June 15, September 15 and January 16, 2018.

Now, you are exempt from doing estimated tax payments in 2017:

  1. You were a U.S Citizen or resident alien for all of 2016.
  2. You have no tax liability for the full 12 month 2016 tax year. No tax liability means if your total tax was zero or you did not have to file an income tax return.

Also, if you are just doing this as a side job and you have a primary job, you could also ask your primary employer to withhold more tax from your earnings instead. Just fill out a new W4 and state how much extra money you want taken out from your paycheck, there is a special line for it.

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Acceptance & Satisfaction Rating

To ensure that UBEREats actually provides great service, it is important that you keep your satisfaction & acceptance rating above 85%.

Satisfaction rating is provided by both the restaurants and the customers. All of it is anonymous so you aren’t aware of who lowered your rating. It’s not a rating system of 1-5 o 1-10. It’s just thumbs up or thumbs down. Right now my rating is 93%. As a perfectionist, I always want to better what I do. Unfortunately, even though my rating has lowered there is no feedback provided. I have expressed to UBER Help, that if it is at all possible, I would love to know what the issues had been. Now, I believe that one of the issues was probably when I had problems delivering to apartments, but as I stated in a previous post, I have made steps to rectify that problem so it is no longer as much of an issue, if at all.

Acceptance rating is based on whether or not you accept every order that comes your way. Right now my acceptance rate is 100%. I never like to turn down any order, so if I want to stop working, I try my hardest to make sure to make the app offline immediately after completing an order. But sometimes especially at night, the orders are constantly coming that there might be another order that comes in even before I finish dropping off my last order. If you choose to not accept an order, they will typically stop sending some your way until maybe the next time you get an online again, which is good for me, because it gave me an opportunity to put my app offline.

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Insulated Bags

I think UBEREats in my area is running low on bags. I know, for me, I received an insulated bag within a week after I signed up. However, one of the people that I referred didn’t receive one so she ended up buying it at Target. Another individual who just signed up decided to buy his at Trader Joe’s. I know for me, I didn’t know if an insulated bag would come, so I ended up purchasing one at Fred Meyer, but it was fairly small, so I was glad when UBEREats sent over an insulated bag for me to use.

To give you an idea of cost, my small Fred Meyer bag was under $2 and for the one that was a bigger size from Trader Joes’s was about $7.

I have found that it has been helpful to have two insulated bags though, because there are times that multiple orders come in at the same time. It is best to have all the food insulated as much as possible so that when the food arrives at the customer’s home, that it is still warm or cold, whatever the case may be.

For me, I get nervous with drinks. I never want them to spill or if the distance to where I am delivering the drink is far and it’s a milkshake, I get nervous that it’ll be melted and the quality won’t be as great. I’m still trying to think of ways to make sure that milkshakes arrive to customer’s homes in great condition. I might look into purchasing something in Amazon for it, if there is anything that does exist for it.

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The Dark, Wrong Directions & Apartments

A lot of orders come at night and this is when you realize just how difficult it can be for delivery drivers to deliver at night, especially to apartments. After a lot of trial and error, I finally realized that the best way to ensure that I am not lost in a maze going to an apartment is once I pick up the order, I send a text to the customer stating the following, “This is Phoebe with UBEREats and I wanted to know once I reach your complex, how close are you to the front and which side would your apartment be?” If the customer doesn’t text back, I call them once I’m in the area. I realize that I wasted far too much precious time just attempting to find it on my own.

I will say, that there is only one apartment that I’ve been to at night that had really great signage. I never realized how many apartments have such poor signage.

Also, beware, that sometimes your GPS will lead you astray and you will end up a street over or being led to a street that is closed and you’ll have to circle back. I’ve also had at least two situations where the customer provided me with the wrong address and only advised me once I had reached the address they provided me with. When this happens, make sure to contact UBER Help so they can adjust your pay so they take into account the extra mileage that you drove.

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