Where Did My UBEREats Adventure Take Me Tonight? (5/2/17)

It wasn’t very busy today and so I was just going to head to Half Price Bookstore, but on my way there, I got an order for Blazing Onions in Alderwood Mall (the one I typically pick up from is Mill Creek, so this was a first). Since I also received a second order, there was some time of waiting before the orders were ready.

One of the things that I always pray for is divine appointments, interactions with people that is so obviously set up by God. It was amazing today because when I finished delivering on the second order, I saw one of my friend’s mom’s randomly. She was walking her dog. I had an opportunity to ask her how he has been doing and be able to catch up. But the fact that everything had to perfectly line up for our paths to cross tonight. To me, that’s a total God moment.

So, since I only did two orders, I made $18.06.

My referral link is: https://www.uber.com/a/signup/drive/deliver/?70307t=&invite_code=phoeben376ue


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