New Weekly Goal of $200

I have a naturally addictive personality, so when I find something I really enjoy it takes a lot of effort on my part to not allow it to consume my life. So I realized that UBEREats had the potential to do that and because I want to actively try to make sure my life is healthy, I made a decision to decrease my weekly goal to $200 a week.

I also put parameters on myself to ensure that I didn’t let my love for UBEREating crowd out other important aspects of life. For this reason, I required that I must have my daily devotions, walk 10,000 steps at least and not stay out so late that it’s not possible for me to get 7 hrs of sleep. Putting those parameters have helped set those things as priorities for me whenever doing anything throughout the day. I have found that doing on average about 1-4 deliveries each night during Monday-Thursday and 6-7 deliveries each night during Friday-Sunday will typically get me to my $200 goal fairly easily.

So I went from being out and about for 4 hrs each weeknight to a decrease of a half hour to an hr and 45 mins on the weeknights. I decreased my weekend hrs from 6 hrs to 3 hrs on the weekend. I feel like I’m finding a good balance and rhythm to my weeks.

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