Referral Code Update

One of my friends signed up last week using my code and I was surprised that the incentive had changed. Instead of $250, I would get $200, which is not a big deal because I already told her that I would be donating that money towards our church building fund. But then instead of only requiring her to do 20 trips to get her $100 incentive, it is now 40 trips. I was advised that this is the new incentive in Seattle. Despite hearing this, I still continue to see promotions about earning up to $250 (which the words up to, lets you know that $250 is not a guarantee), but it still says 20 trips. It still doesn’t mention 40 trips in general promotions, but with that said, at least she will still get her $100.

It sounds like, my promo code would work anywhere in the world that is doing UBEREats, it’s just the incentive amounts would be different and it’s all based on the city. So if you’re reading this and want to utilize my referral code, you absolutely can, but I don’t know what the incentive would be at your particular city, but I believe, that there should be one in every city out there. My guess is perhaps the incentive in places where it is oversaturated might be less than those that are just starting up.

My referral link is:


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