Offline Ninja

You learn something new every day. Last night I was talking to my friend Josh, who also UBEREats, about being an offline ninja. This whole time I thought that I needed to quickly go offline before an order can come in. At nighttime that can be difficult and you feel that you have to be an offline ninja – so that you can keep your acceptance rate at 100%. As I’m talking with my friend, he tells me, there’s another way to stop new requests. I wish I could give you a visual of this, but I need to have an active order in front of me to show you. But basically, when you have an active order, there is a button on the upper left hand side. When you click on that, it gives you the option to have the app automatically sign off right after your final delivery. I’m so thankful that he told me this! As much fun as it was trying to be an offline ninja, it’s less stressful to know the button is there.

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