New Referral

My last referral is the one that I just mentioned in the post before this one. So she’s the first person that is under this new $200 for 40 trips (she gets $100). However, there were other people that I had signed up that are still under the $250 for 20 trips. One of those individuals, Jovy, finished his 20 trips. It’s always exciting to see that happen.

So far, I’ve made $250 from 3 people who have completed their trips, for a total of $750. I realize that it never bothers to ask, because you never know who out there really just needs/wants this opportunity. That’s really what you do when you refer people, you just let them know it exists and let them decide for themselves if they want to move forward with it or not.

The reality is, some people are gonna try it out and they’re gonna love it. There are others that are gonna try it out and decide it’s just not for them. But it’s always worth trying. Isn’t that part of life’s adventures? Trying out new experiences.

My referral link is:


My Referrals

Since I started in March 2017, there have been 5 people to sign up with my referral code.

Here is the current status:

Tara W – She loves it! She completed her 20 deliveries during the week of April 17-24. The $250 was deposited to my bank account on April 26.

Taylor S – It’s not as much her cup of tea, but at least she has something that she can do if she ever needs extra side money here and there. She completed her 20 deliveries during the week of April 17-24. The $250 was deposited to my bank account on April 26.

Jovy Z – Needs to complete his 20 deliveries. He plans to start delivering either this Friday or Saturday.

Claudeth T – Needs to complete her 20 deliveries. At this time, I think she got a new job already, so she may not pursue this anymore. I’ll be following up with her this Sunday.

Celeste A – Needs to finish signing up. She just needs to provide a corrected insurance card, but I am taking her out for a ride along on Monday so she can see how fun and simple it is.

So far, I have gotten $600 through the referral program. $100 for doing my first 20 deliveries and using my friend Cyndi’s referral code and $500 from Tara W & Taylor S doing their 20 deliveries. If Joy Z, Claudeth T, Celeste A get their 20 deliveries completed, that’s another $750.

At the end of the day, referrals benefit everyone involved. It gives incentive to drive and if you find people who enjoy it as much as I do, it’s a win-win. There are other companies out there that do what UBEREats does, but I prefer UBEREats because of the flexibility. I don’t want it to feel like a job. I don’t want to sign up for a time period where I’m supposed to work. I want to be able to just turn the app online and offline when I want to, so that’s why I choose UBEREats even though it may not pay as much or they don’t have a built in tip option in their app, I choose it for the flexibility and the freedom to work whenever I want to.

My referral link is: