Where Did My UBEREat Adventure Take Me Tonight (5/5/17)?

Right when I got off the bus, I turned on my app. Fairly quickly, I got my first order at Bento Teriyaki. But afterwards, it was a little bit slow and I realize that the reason it used to be easier for me to constantly get orders is because I did at night and people tend to order more at that time. So I decided to just go and eat at Best Sushi and Teriyaki. Man, there was a lot of food in the bento that I bought. After my dinner, there were still no orders coming in that I thought possibly something was wrong with my app, so I decided to drive to Denny’s and just stay in the parking lot. It worked out. I got an order for Denny’s. They tend to be a favorite.

The other places I went to tonight were:

  • Qdoba Lynnwood
  • Gyro Express Mediterranean
  • Szechuan Garden (**FIRST TIME PICK-UP**)
  • Buca di Beppo Lynnwood (** FIRST TIME PICK-UP **)

My final pick-up was at Tacos Guaymas. I feel so silly because when I arrived there, I thought, “Wow, they’re super busy tonight.” Then I realized, HELLO, it is Cinco de Mayo!

Overall, I made $46.84 and for a fairly slow night, that’s pretty decent.

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Where Did My UBEREat Adventure Take Me on 5/3/17 and 5/4/17?

It’s been a tough week for me to actually go UBEREating. When I first started, I wasn’t trying to balance out my days. I used to a person that slept 4-5 hrs a day, naturally. But my doctor and my friends said that it was necessary to get at least 7 hrs a day. So I’ve been trying to and that frankly has cut into my UBEREating time.

So on 5/3/17, I got two orders at Qdoba Lynnwood. They were slammed. So many people were in line and they were getting so many UBEREats orders. So I had to wait a little and ended up talking to another UBEREats driver. As we were sharing about our experiences, we found out that the same person referred us to UBEREats, my good friend Cyndi. I tell ya, she does a really great job promoting UBEREats on Facebook because she makes it look so fun and frankly, it really is. At least for me.

I had been hoping this week I would be able to get enough money to go and donate $500 to help one of my girls with putting together her homeless care packages. So as I was driving home, I just prayed and said, “God, please give me just one more order for the night so that I can reach my goal and be able to donate this to Nikki.” Praise God! I was able to get an order to Thai Bistro Mill Creek and I finally made enough collectively to get the $500 there.

The next $500 I’m trying to raise is going to go to Becca’s girls to go to Young Life camp. Yesterday, we had such a crazy thunder/lightning storm so there was high demand that so many people were ordering. I wanted to go so much, but I lead Bible Study every Thursday and knew that I couldn’t skip out just to UBEREat even though they were having a promotion. But right after I got off the bus from work and got in my car, I turned on my UBEREats app and wanted to take just one order. I was able to get one for Areeya Thai & Noodle Cuisine and be able to make it on time for Bible Study.

We’ll see if I get to UBEREat tonight because I told one of the middle school girls that I would take her to Young Life Middle School tonight. So depending on how comfortable she seems while she’s there, I may go UBEREating while club is happening. We’ll see.

My referral link is: https://www.uber.com/a/signup/drive/deliver/?70307t=&invite_code=phoeben376ue

Where Did My UBEREats Adventure Take Me Tonight? (5/2/17)

It wasn’t very busy today and so I was just going to head to Half Price Bookstore, but on my way there, I got an order for Blazing Onions in Alderwood Mall (the one I typically pick up from is Mill Creek, so this was a first). Since I also received a second order, there was some time of waiting before the orders were ready.

One of the things that I always pray for is divine appointments, interactions with people that is so obviously set up by God. It was amazing today because when I finished delivering on the second order, I saw one of my friend’s mom’s randomly. She was walking her dog. I had an opportunity to ask her how he has been doing and be able to catch up. But the fact that everything had to perfectly line up for our paths to cross tonight. To me, that’s a total God moment.

So, since I only did two orders, I made $18.06.

My referral link is: https://www.uber.com/a/signup/drive/deliver/?70307t=&invite_code=phoeben376ue

Where Did My UBEREats Adventure Take Me Tonight? (5/1/17)

I ended up staying later at work today and didn’t get an opportunity to really have a chance to do any UBEREating. I was just out for about an hr & 20 mins. I made $23.97.

I picked up food from the following restaurants:

  • Best Sushi and Teriyaki (2 orders at the same time)
  • Todamgol Korean Restaurant (they were kind and provided me hot tea since the order was still being prepared)
  • Thai MaNa Restaurant (**FIRST TIME PICK UP**)

I think I need to bring snacks because the main reason I stopped was because I was hungry, but also because I had other tasks to do and I’m still trying to figure out how to balance them all.

My referral link is: https://www.uber.com/a/signup/drive/deliver/?70307t=&invite_code=phoeben376ue

Where Did My UBEREats Adventure Take Me Tonight (4/30/17)?

Ever since I’ve been back from the Philippines, I’ve been wanting to go UBEREating, unfortunately, I ended up getting sick. I really need to build up my immune system. But today was the day that I finally was able to go!

So where did my UBEREats Adventure take me tonight?

  • Qdoba Lynnwood
  • Tubs Gourmet Subs
  • Kalia India Cuisine (** FIRST TIME PICK UP **)
  • Gyro Express Mediterranean (** FIRST TIME PICK UP ** They are inside Alderwood Mall. I had to wait for a 10 min parking spot to free up. I think the person behind me was also trying to make a delivery because they jumped out of their car, but then mall security came by and they came running to their car).
  • Denny’s Lynnwood
  • Kebella’s Pizza and Pasta (every time I pick up from their place, the food smells AMAZING. Plus tonight they had a really great, sweet employee in the front. That’s always a good thing.)
  • Cliffhangers (you have to try their $5.99 steak breakfast. I discovered it when I picked up from for the very first time.  They were one of the restaurants on my first day with UBEREats)
  • The Everest Kitchen (** FIRST TIME PICK UP **)

I was lured into the Northgate area because I noticed there was a 2x boost, but I was hungry and wanted to eat. So I stopped by and ate at Cafe Pho before turning my UBEREats app back online. Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting any orders which made me wonder if I didn’t have “rights” to Northgate.  I’ll probably ask UBER Help at some point, but I started heading back to Lynnwood.

Lo and behold, I got an order and my second round of deliveries.

  • King Tut Mediterranean
  • Kebella’s Pizza and Pasta (for the 2nd of the night. They are a favorite!)
  • King III Chinese
  • Taste of Sichuan

As I was dropping off my final order, I received another order, but I couldn’t accept it cause I needed to call it a night since I have work tomorrow. So, although I only was able to do one day of UBEREating, I made $89.38.

BTW, pro-tip, it really is worth it to download a Street View or even just look up the addresses in Redfin to give a visual of the house you’re delivering to. Believe me, I finally realized it was worth taking the extra few seconds to do it.

My referral link is: https://www.uber.com/a/signup/drive/deliver/?70307t=&invite_code=phoeben376ue