The Dark, Wrong Directions & Apartments

A lot of orders come at night and this is when you realize just how difficult it can be for delivery drivers to deliver at night, especially to apartments. After a lot of trial and error, I finally realized that the best way to ensure that I am not lost in a maze going to an apartment is once I pick up the order, I send a text to the customer stating the following, “This is Phoebe with UBEREats and I wanted to know once I reach your complex, how close are you to the front and which side would your apartment be?” If the customer doesn’t text back, I call them once I’m in the area. I realize that I wasted far too much precious time just attempting to find it on my own.

I will say, that there is only one apartment that I’ve been to at night that had really great signage. I never realized how many apartments have such poor signage.

Also, beware, that sometimes your GPS will lead you astray and you will end up a street over or being led to a street that is closed and you’ll have to circle back. I’ve also had at least two situations where the customer provided me with the wrong address and only advised me once I had reached the address they provided me with. When this happens, make sure to contact UBER Help so they can adjust your pay so they take into account the extra mileage that you drove.

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